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What your child would enjoy in a Christian Learning Academy

The simple answer is… it depends! Children enjoy different things and these preferences are apparent from about as early as they’re able to express their opinions. Some children love getting messy in hands-on activities, while others love learning to read or socializing with others.


Here are some of the things our curriculum teaches as part of its welcoming Christian learning environment.

Infants: 6 Weeks – 24 Months  

Our Christian daycare facility focuses on developing basic motor skills and foundational knowledge for the rest of their life for infants. This includes plenty of playtime on the floor, as well as gentle activities to help them exercise their whole body. Children who are approaching one year old will also start learning self-feeding.


(While we’re proud of being a Christian Learning Academy, we focus on the most fundamental skills at this point. Complex and nuanced education comes later.)


Infants on the higher end of this range will learn things like shapes, colors, and Sign Language vocabulary. Aside from proving a useful skill later in life, sign language is fantastic for children because it helps them exercise their arms and expand their range of motion.


Games for older infants include things like finger painting, playing with ice, and coloring with whipped cream. Don’t worry, we know how messy kids in child care can get, and we plan accordingly.

Toddlers: 2 – 3 Years  

Children in this range are talking and moving around a lot, and it’s one of their most interesting times at a Christian Learning Academy. Children in the “terrible twos” need a lot of extra care and help because they’re naturally defiant. They’re testing what happens when they don’t obey, and that’s a phase all children go through as part of their cognitive development.


Fortunately, our nurturing staff knows how to keep them occupied. Children in this area will get to enjoy personal and social activities, emphasizing getting enough exercise to manage their energy levels.


We also spend a lot of time encouraging children to vocalize their desires. We want children to know that it’s okay to be strong and outspoken about themselves, especially if they’re shy or have difficulty making friends. This is a key skill that will help them throughout their lives.


Other games for two-year-olds include things like painting, working puzzles, and building blocks. Foundational knowledge skills in this range include recognizing shapes and colors in English and Spanish, knowing days and months, and working on time management.


There’s plenty of variety to stop the kids from getting bored, too. The early years are important for learning, so we want to expose them to many different things to help in their cognitive development.


Three-year-olds have even more to do, though. At this point, children will start giving daily weather reports, enjoying things like books and songs, and begin learning basic math.


We also start focusing on manners and maintaining positive attitudes. Children respond to different stimuli, so we’ll keep track of your child’s behavior to help figure out the best way to get them to start behaving well again.


(We wait until three years old to do this because they need that defiant stage around two years old.)

Preschoolers: 4 – 5 Years  

What is the Christian daycare difference from other schools, you ask? In many ways, it’s more similar than you might think! Children in this range benefit from a 540-hour instructional program approved by Florida’s Early Learning Coalition, with a specific focus on getting them ready for Kindergarten.


In addition to reinforcing things they learned as three-year-olds, such as manners, this is when we start focusing on more complex tasks like storytelling, letter writing, and following multi-step directions.


We also begin working on basic history (starting with who the Presidents are and some facts about them), as well as stimulating creativity and imagination through projects like art, dramatic plays, and role-playing.


This is where we start to emphasize socializing, too. While children are more than happy to play together at younger ages, that’s not the same thing as having skills like recognizing classmates’ names or helping each other learn.


We reinforce this skill by teaching basic problem-solving, starting with how to sound out words and using letters to represent sounds. Our main goal with this part of the curriculum is teaching children how to work on a problem to understand it, rather than just getting upset if they can’t understand it right away.


Few skills are more important than perseverance when learning, so we teach the joys of learning and the feeling of success that comes when overcoming a hurdle.

Why Choose Our Christian Learning Academy?  

There are many reasons to pick a daycare, but here are some of the top reasons to consider leaving your child with us.


First, we emphasize teaching children to express their creativity. This is a crucial aspect for helping children have fun during their preschool years. By supporting individuality, we help children find themselves and look forward to visiting us each day.


That’s more important than it sounds at first. Children who love visiting us are far more engaged with our programs and tend to do better at learning material. This gives them a noticeable boost once they leave for regular education.


Second, we focus heavily on education, rather than just letting your child play with whatever toys catch their fancy. Some daycare facilities only supervise children and don’t particularly bother educating them, but we focus on the foundational skills and knowledge that children need to succeed.


We also offer a low staff-to-child ratio. Experienced parents know how much work it takes to monitor one child, let alone several. Frankly, even the best teachers and educators can’t properly manage more than a few children at a time.


We also offer affordable pricing for childcare and early learning. Trust us, we know how expensive childcare can get if you go to the wrong facility. Our budget-friendly pricing model helps save you money while still allowing us to get the tools and supplies your child needs to maximize their educational development.


Finally, our supportive Christian learning environment focuses on positive reinforcement and teaching children to become well-behaved and polite members of any group. We’re licensed and accredited through the Florida League of Christian Schools, the state’s top choice for Christian education.