Christian or Church Daycare

How is Christian or Church Day Care Different?

Choosing child care for your kids is one of the most important choices you will make as a parent. Your children will spend a lot of time in day care while you are working. This can be a great time of learning and fun for kids if you choose quality care. If you are considering whether you should choose church day care over a regular day care facility, we are here to help. Christian child care is vastly different from your run of the mill day care centers. Keep reading to learn all about the differences and what you need to know in order to make the best choice possible.

What Is Church Day Care?

Church day care is a child care service offered on the campuses of local churches. Besides simply offering church for kids, these churches will also open up their facilities during the week for working parents in order to provide a safe child care option. This provides both a great service for the parents as well as a business opportunity for the church. Some churches operate their day care programs as a ministry of the church and are therefore able to offer the services at a discounted price.

How Is Church Day Care Different?

Besides being housed on the church campus, church day care is different in other ways as well. Church day care will make an effort to employ church members and people associated with the church so that members and their children can experience a continuity with their kids. It is very comforting for kids to interact in their day care setting with people they are already familiar with from church. Not all church day care employees will be church members, but you will see some familiar faces.

Another important difference in church day care is the fact that the teachings of the Word of God will be present in your child’s day. In a regular day care center, staff will be limited on teaching or sharing Christian content or information. Church day care will not have these restrictions. If it is important to you that the teachings of Jesus Christ play an important role in your child’s day, then church day care would be a great option.

This can be especially important as a child gets up into the pre-school grades. Once your child enters pre-school there will be more focus during day on learning than simply on play. These hours of learning are filled at church day care with Bible stories and information on how our good God guides our lives.


Church day care staff will undergo not only background checks and work history scrutiny, but in most church day care facilities, there is also an emphasis placed on each staff member exemplifying a relationship with Jesus Christ. This can bring an added layer of comfort for parents who are looking for child care options. When your children are being cared for by fellow Christians, you will know that they are being shown the love and concern they deserve.

Greater Accountability

Church day care also provides an added layer of accountability. An average day care center operates independently of any one else. A church day care center will be accountable to the church which is hosting the services. This added layer of accountability benefits everyone involved. Teachers, administrative staff, and other workers will all operate under an umbrella of accountability to each other. This can help put your parent’s heart at ease knowing that everyone is looking out for the wellbeing of your child.

Like-Minded Community

In this day of division and prejudice, it is important for families to find communities in which they can thrive and forge lasting friendships. When your children participate in church day care, they will have the added advantage of spending their day with playmates from like-minded families. This will make it easier for children and parents to forge social bonds outside of day care. When kids go to church together and attend day care together they get adequate time to bond and building lasting relationships. Knowing that the other families at day care are like minded will make socializing easier for you and your kids.Day care is an important decision which can affect your child’s academic, social and spiritual development. Choosing church day care is a great way to make sure your child has a solid start to life both in school and in their Christian lives.