About Us

Arise Academy is a Christian Learning Academy in Brandon, Florida. Licensed through the Florida League of Christian Schools. Arise Academy is dedicated to fostering the next generation cognitively, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

We are offering a low staff-to-child ratio. Arise Academy is able to offer an individualized learning experience for each child. Every classroom from 6 weeks and up will be working with a high-quality curriculum that is age-appropriate and modified based on students’ needs.

Our buildings conform to the latest building codes and Hillsborough County Licensing Board standards. Top of the line fire and smoke detection systems are constantly monitored, and all classrooms feature quick access to the outdoors to expedite any evacuations. Our building remains locked throughout the day, and the doors are monitored to ensure the safest environment for the children in our care.

Core Values

•  We believe in providing legendary service to our community.

•  We believe in providing a safe place.

•  We believe in building a community between home and school.

•  We believe in creating lifelong learners.